1. Introduction

“Astrology does prove one thing – that there’s one born every minute!”
Sir Patrick Moore

Something which baffles me more than just about anything else, is how anyone, in the Twenty-First Century, can possibly still believe in astrology – the ridiculous idea that the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets in the sky somehow influence people’s personalities, and/or the course of their lives! This is nothing more than an archaic, totally unfounded superstition, derived from an ancient view of the world which has been obsolete for centuries. On the title page of this section, I’ve said, “There is no place for astrology in the Twenty-First Century”. In fact, there has been no place for it in any century since the Seventeenth, when astronomers showed that the Earth is not the centre of the Universe, and Sir Isaac Newton and his contemporaries formulated the modern laws of physics.
How anyone in the modern world, with even any semblance of an education, can take it seriously, is utterly beyond me – yet a significant proportion of supposedly sane and intelligent people still do!
So let’s establish this, right at the start. Astrology is garbage. It defies all logic. It doesn’t work. Full stop. The British astronomy writer and broadcaster Heather Couper once put it very simply and bluntly, when she declared – in The Times, of all respected publications – that “Astrology is bull***t!”
In this essay, I intend to demonstrate exactly why astrology is utter rubbish, and why it has no place in the modern world.

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