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Science and reason will prevail over senseless gibberish!

Neil M. Haggath

"Only two things are infinite - the Universe and stupidity...
and I'm not sure about the first."
Albert Einstein

The aim of this site is to demolish and discredit, by the use of scientific facts and rational analysis, some of the ridiculous, irrational rubbish which pervades today's society, and poisons the minds of the gullible.

This site has received the Griffith Observatory Star Award, for excellence in promoting astronomy.

The subjects covered on this site are:

The so-called "Apollo Hoax" conspiracy theory - the absurd notion that one of the most momentous human achievements in history, the Apollo Moon landings of 1969-72, never happened.

The "Name a Star" business, whereby you can supposedly name a star for someone for a fee, and why astronomers are opposed to it.

The absurdity of astrology - why a 2000-year-old superstition has no place in the modern world.

...and an assortment of lesser silly topics.

Other subjects will be added in due course.
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